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People often get caught up in the “big” moments of weddings - walking down the aisle, speeches, the cake cutting. Sometimes the most incredible memories - and photos - happen in the smaller exchanges. Madison and William’s wedding at Deerfield Country Club focused on tender family moments that made the day unforgettable for the couple and their guests. The venue’s lush landscape and couple’s natural details enhanced the sweet, easygoing atmosphere of the day.

Beautiful Nature at Deerfield Country Club

Deerfield Country Club is a Rochester wedding venue just over twenty minutes outside the city. The venue markets itself as taking stress off couples’ shoulders, which I vibe with completely! If you want to spend your wedding day focusing on your people instead of the details, finding the right venue (and photographer) is key. 

For indoor ceremonies and receptions, Deerfield Country Club has ballrooms. The outdoor ceremony space is a gem, though. Rows of white chairs fill a courtyard bordered by a wall of boulders. A dark wood arbor stands at the front. Madison and William chose to drape gauzy white curtains over the arbor along with vines for a touch of nature. 

My favorite thing about photographing a wedding at Deerfield Country Club is the nature and landscaping on the grounds. Bright flowers and lush forests fill the property. Madison and William love the outdoors and spend a lot of time hunting and fishing. We took most of their portraits in the wooded area of the golf course to honor that bond. 

The classy yet rustic feel of the venue was what attracted Madison and William to the Deerfield Country Club. The purple echinacea and bright white hydrangeas complimented Madison and William’s effortless, natural aesthetic. The champagne and pink tones of Madison’s bouquet and her bridesmaids’ dresses fit in perfectly. I especially appreciated all of the beautiful natural light that allowed me to get creative with their portraits. 

A Focus on Intimate Moments

The thoughtful details at Madison and William’s wedding really allowed them to focus on what mattered most - their family and love for each other. On top of that, Madison and I used to work together at Deerfield Country Club as servers at weddings. The day was full of reunions!

Madison and William’s wedding was case in point for why first looks are such a great addition to a wedding timeline. Madison had first looks with her bridesmaids, William, and her father. She had time carved out to be present with her most important people. On a day when people often find themselves pulled in a million directions, intentionally making this time to connect made a huge difference. As a wedding photographer, I valued the opportunity to capture the emotion of those moments.

Just as we took so many great portraits of Madison and William, Deerfield Country Club provided opportunities for amazing photos with their wedding party. The wedding party photos show how excited this couple’s community was to celebrate them. We took so many fun photos before the ceremony instead of waiting until cocktail hour. As a result, the couple and their wedding party got to enjoy the rest of the evening more. 

While waiting for their wedding day to arrive, Madison and William had their daughter Ava. Ava was a big part of Madison and William’s wedding day. After the couple’s first dance, they had a first dance with Ava. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! The emotion in these images is heartwarming.

Are you interested in having me photograph your wedding at Deerfield Country Club? Reach out, and let’s get the conversation started!

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