Will you travel to me?

Short answer, heck yes! I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places, so count me in for whatever you have planned! I am TSA pre-check approved, so airports are a breeze. Additional travel fees are custom and will apply unless otherwise stated.

How do I book you?

I'm glad you asked. Booking is super simple! After using my contact form to send me an inquiry, we'll first chat through email and/or a consultation call to determine what coverage options suit your day best. Once basic details are agreed upon, I will send a contract for you to sign and an electronic invoice for a $500.00 nonrefundable retainer. As soon as I have your signature and your retainer payment, you're booked!

Are you a legal photography business?

Yes! I am registered in Monroe County, New York under the legal name of Garrett Maynard Photo Company LLC. I also have personal and business liability insurance policies that are available for review upon request.

How safe are my photos after our time together?

After we say our goodbyes, I immediately pack my cameras into my weather resistant backpack. If flying, I always keep one copy of all your photos with my personal belongings and another copy in my camera bag. Shortly after returning to my office, I move the photos from my cards to multiple backup locations so there are multiple copies available in the event of a drive failure.

Will you Photoshop my double chin, please?

This is such a common concern, but I won't manipulate body shape in any way. Small blemishes or distracting elements in the background might be removed, but I believe your body is sacred and should be celebrated - imperfections and all. I am well-versed in photographing a wide variety of body types to make sure you're documented in the most flattering ways possible.

Can I have the RAW photos?

In general, no. A very large fraction of the price you pay is the hours of backend work I do to bring your day to life with mindful editing and gallery curation. If you just want someone to show up, take photos, and give you the card at the end of the day, I might not be the right fit for ya.

When will my photos be delivered?

For all weddings and elopements, I guarantee a selection of sneak peek images within a week. Full elopements are delivered within 4 weeks and full wedding galleries within 6 weeks - this is regardless of coverage length. Smaller sessions are delivered within 2 weeks, without sneak peeks. All galleries remain open for a minimum of 6 months post-delivery.

How are my photos delivered?

Great question! Your photos will be delivered to your email as a link to a private online gallery. You will have full access to the gallery and are able to provide access to others at your discretion. All photos are delivered fully edited and without watermarks. Downloads are unlimited and free.

How can I print my photos?

Your gallery will have a high quality, full service print shop attached where you can design albums and create various prints, canvasses, cards, etc. Otherwise, upon downloading your gallery, you will receive a printing release which covers you in the event that a print shop asks for professional printing permissions.

What camera gear do you typically use on a wedding day?

On a given wedding day, I always have two full-frame professional cameras on my person with different focal length prime lenses. I primarily use a 35mm f/1.4 lens and an 85mm f/1.4 lens. That way I have easy access to different perspectives as well as the ability to keep shooting in the event of a camera failure.