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As a Rochester wedding photographer, I really value how close I am to incredible nature. New York’s stunning High Peaks Region is the perfect backdrop for couples’ photos. For adventurous couple Lexi and Jesse, Adirondack photography was the perfect way to capture their romantic and fun-loving relationship. 

Intimate and Natural Engagement Photos

While New York has a lot of natural beauty, the Adirondacks are something special. The Adirondacks feature a forest preserve as well as areas for camping, boating, rock climbing, biking, and, of course, hiking. In the spring and summer, the forests are alive with plant and animal life. Autumn brings the most incredible colors to the mountainsides. The dramatic landscape of towering mountains and shimmering lakes makes Adirondack photography ideal for a couples session.

I met up with Lexi and Jesse between Upper Cascade Lake and Lower Cascade Lake in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks. Immediately, I knew this would be an amazing session. My clients really prioritize memorable experiences, which is why they choose to be photographed in exciting places like the Adirondacks. That’s why my photography is oriented towards nature and the landscape. It’s an important part of telling a couple’s story.

Lexi and Jesse’s engagement photos reveal a couple who are both chic and down to earth, romantic and fun. For the first half of our Adirondack photography session, Jesse and Lexi looked chic in black and denim with black boots. It was just right for the lakeside setting with the dark trees and sparkling water behind them. They let loose, dancing in the sand. Between kisses, Lexi even jumped up on Jesse’s back. Their joy was infectious, and I found myself smiling along with them.

Adventurous Adirondack Photography

After exploring the shore for a while, Lexi and Jesse decided to don bathing suits and get into the water. Despite how cold the water was, Lexi and Jesse powered through. We all had a blast! Splashing around in the lake, Lexi and Jesse had so much fun that they practically forgot I was there. 

Just like on the images from the land, the Adirondack photography of Jesse and Lexi in the lake were a great mix of moods. I was able to pose them very naturally for romantic portraits, and I captured some candid moments that reveal the playful side of their relationship. The water droplets that ended up on my camera lens were evidence of how much fun they had in the moment.

To be honest, I was so excited about Lexi and Jesse’s Adirondack photography because I love getting to explore right alongside my people! Shortly after Lexi and Jesse got into the water, I threw my chest waders on and joined them. I was able to get some beautiful images that I would have missed if I’d stayed on shore while Lexi and Jesse had all the fun in the lake.

Are you interested in having me take your engagement photos in the Adirondacks? I can’t wait to get to know you and document your love story! Reach out to me today.

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